Our team building mindset:

Successful team building events must be tailored to each team, company and their current issues .

Our team building objectives:

> improve internal communication and trust
> optimize internal resources: structuring tasks and attributing roles
> irrigate the strategy and corporate values
> reinforce the team's stability to face the natural evolution of the company and its markets
> anchor the team's work and development priorities in concrete actions (mini projects, working groups, sector work site ...), to undertake as of leaving the team building event
> fluidify the exchanges of experience and best practices
> check and reinforce the work done with a booster shot six months later .

Possible orientations in our team building :

To develop interpersonal relations:
> presenting each member in an amusing, explicit and offbeat fashion, (specific presentation tools)
> sharing each member's individual objectives
> creating a shared vision for short, middle and long term

To discover each member's type of added value: the Helios wheel

> cartography of individual preferences in team work
> definition of one or several team development workshops
> action plan taking the revealed strengths and obstacles into account

To approach the ideal team…:
> validation of a chart of qualities corresponding to the common ideal team
> self-assessment and exchange on the perceived gaps
> actions to implement to progress towards this common ideal

To stimulate team creativity:
> simulations (the ultraviolet) to boot up creative ideas towards an even more innovative strategy
> progress action plans for group efficiency

To liven up entertaining breaks with meaningful role plays:
> "The perfect square", to update each member's role and position in carrying out a task together
> "The Artwork" to understand the team's decision making process in situation
> "The husband, the wife and the lover" to gain awareness of differences in individual values
> "The Cube Game" to determine individual and common models of defining objectives
> etc.


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