Our Trainings / Seminars

The contents of our trainings offer you the security of essential instruction rounded out with the proven effectiveness of our own original creations .

They are the fruit of the selection and fusion of our wide-ranging personal learning backgrounds (NLP, mental management, systemic, meta plan, creativity, management, HEC strategy, sophrology, Erickson hypnosis, TMS certification, public speaking, Helios, operational project steering, process com, transactional analysis, marketing...) enhanced with our own inventions (open change, the samurai, identity circles, "PRO negos", the Ultraviolet, Controlled Creative Explosion...).

Our pedagogical commitment is a knowledge transfer in real time without 'homework' with theoretical input aiming solely to facilitate the appropriation and use of the tools.

To come up with a unique solution to your needs, our approach is co-constructed, via thorough interviews.

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