dhconseil = Dynamic, Human.

dhconseil combines concrete efficiency with a passion to work in concert with you. Our consultants are chosen, trained and mobilized in dhconseil because they share our mindset and enthusiasm for surpassing expectations.

dhconseil is a centre for continuous research, blending creativity with curiosity about the latest tools with confirmed field success. This strengthens our capacity to adapt our contents to your issues and deliver tailored, original solutions.

dhconseil doesn't have a "Copy-paste trainings" key.

Hélène Vecchiali As certified coach, systemic expert and published author, Director of dhconseil, Hélène Vecchiali's proven talent and skills inspire her clients and produce measurable impact. Whether working with individuals or teams, her enthusiasm to share and further knowledge and to enhance creativity and efficiency radiates… within your company as within dhconseil.

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