Our consulting missions are built according to demands, following situation analysis mixed with issues clarification interviews, identification of the concerned stake holders and collection of the collective and individual needs.

Some examples of the fields of intervention in our missions:

> Crisis management
> HR
> Top management / Board
> Moral audit
> Downsizing relationships management
> Parity and diversity
> Relationships with unions
> Coherence between commercial communication (branding, advertising...) / internal communication
> etc.

On example of mission crossing many of these fields of intervention with some of our specific methodologies (cf. Training) :

Mergers & Acquisitions

Any structural fusion, M & A and others, implies a total adaptation to the specific background it takes place in and to the client reality:

A/ Project governance
B/ Teams and individuals accompanying
C/ Teams fusion / redundancies management
D/ Restructuring / cost management
E/ Communication management : internal, unions, press, teams, stakeholders…
F/ Maintaining activity (“ during construction, the shop stays open”!)


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