Our coaching mindset:

> is based on our firm conviction that listening must be tightly link to action in order to produce long term benefits
> is based on ensuring the successful transfer of the right tools to our client so that his progress continues after the coaching cycle
> is based on clearly defining indicators to verify with the coachee and the managers involved that the objectives in the contract have been reached

Our coaching objectives:

> satisfy your professional progress objectives
> provide perspective to stimulate valuable insights
> identify and optimize your resources by completing them with relevant tools and new practices
> spot and overcome obstacles in order to appreciate your professional situation better in your different roles: managerial, relational, cultural, team member identity
> model, enhance and develop your qualities, notably in 'mini trainings'

Our method:

Following the preliminary needs assessment interviews between the coachee, managers and coach to draw up a detailed contract:

A/ Active listening of the coach
> to demonstrate unconditional support, without complaisance, in the implementation of the coachee's development plan
> to give the coachee room to breathe and stand back to gain insight into his strategies and behaviors and their consequences

B/ Relevant tools at the client's disposal (roadmaps, charts, questionnaires, role plays etc.)
> for effective decision-making
> for tangible actions
> for a reunion to working with pleasure, imagination and creativity

C/ Personalized mini-trainings for the coachee
> communication
> management, motivation
> change management
> teambuilding, running meetings
> conflict management
> etc. (see the Training page for more detailed information about these subjects)

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